Can I cut on my granite countertop?

Yes. Granite is an incredibly hard, yet durable material.
Most people cut on their granite and the only complaint they have is that their knives are dulling. At the same time, granite is not indestructible, and there is always a chance that you can possibly scratch it. That is why we supply every new kitchen countertop with a complimentary granite cutting board.

Can granite chip?

Under extreme cases (such as dropping a heavy pot), granite may chip. If this does occur, make sure to save the chip. It can be repaired by using the chip, granite dust and epoxy.

How many seams will be in my kitchen countertop?

Seams in your kitchen or vanity are all dependent on the material you have selected, the size of your slab, the size of your sink, the layout of your project and the integrity of the stone to ensure a safe product in your home. The notion that more seams saves on material is just not true, and we actually like to make the least amount of seams as possible. Inevitably, we ask you to come to our facility prior to cutting so you can see exactly how we have laid out your seams.

Is marble suitable for a kitchen?

Yes and No. Marble is not as dense as granite and is susceptible to staining, etching and scratching under normal kitchen wear and tear. Because of this, many people steer clear of marble and use if for less traveled areas. However, in the past few years, marble has become quite popular in kitchens regardless of its characteristics, and we are happy to supply it to those who are properly informed.

Is it expensive?

Years ago, granite, marble or limestone was considered by many only to be for the wealthy. Well, times have changed, and its pricing has dropped dramatically to make it a much more practical item. This is not to say that there are still some extremely expensive stone out there, but quite often people are pleasantly surprised by our estimates.

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